Papaver Cousins

Papaver Cousins is a singer-songwriter duo of two brothers in arms, Oliver Szendrey-Nagy & Barnabas Nagy, exposing their desires, fears and perceptions in the manner of roots folk music.

Their first album, “Lack of Lightness”, is an equally ambitious yet even more colorful journey into this lyrical world. Many songs showcase the two at their best in writing and performing plain acoustic songs that make rooms a little warmer each time they’re played, while others take confident steps in the direction of contemporary alternative folk with vivid instrumentation and intriguing straightforward honesty. There’s a subtle sensitivity and intellect floating above “Lack of Lightness” both in moments dealing with love and family and also in songs quarreling with God Almighty. These songs invite you to hear about troubles without listening to anyone complaining, they tell you about loss, but they also offer relief and most importantly a great time thanks to the musical and personal chemistry between the two.
 Since 2017 they are performing as a trio with Gergo Halo on the drums.