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Founder // Mamazone // jeges at mamazone.hu

Zsolt has founded the Mamazone Records in 2007 with a goal establishing a music company for Hungarian talents, who could get into the European or wider music market. The bands from Mamazone were always a part of the CEETEP program, that helped the talents from the CEE region appearing on bigger festival stages around Europe, like Eurosonic, Tallinn Music Week, Reeperbahn Festival, EXIT, Great Escape, Sziget Festival. The actual roster of Mamazone: Fran Palermo, Barbara Stahl, DJ Bootsie Trio, Flatband, Babel, The Adolescens. Together with Marton Naray they founded Take Berlin Promotion in 2015. They are the promotional partner of Lollapalooza Berlin, Melt!, Berlin Festival in CEE. The Take Berlin Promotion is keen to building bridges between each others music market in the eastern and western part too. They help talented bands, performers from these countries to get in a new country, organizing a gig, promote them.

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