Independent Labels

August 17, 2017 1:00 pm

IMPALA, the European platform for independent labels and publishers proudly announced in 2018 Q3, that Hungary joined their network with HAIL (Hungarian Association for Independent Labels), the platform that unites independent Hungarian labels. If you run a Hungarian label and you’d like to join their activities, please get in touch with Péter Soltész at

And if you’re curious about some Hungarian independent labels, feel free to check the catalogues of the following ones:

8OUNCE Records | genre: electronic | Facebook | Bandcamp
Their roster features emerging acts as Uffalo Steez, Yvein Monq or Headshotboyz.

AM:PM Music | genre: electronic, hip-hop | Facebook | Website
Based in Pécs, their roster features one of the biggest local hip-hop acts Punnany Massif along with Myra Monoka, Saverne or D.O.G.

ASAN | genre: hip-hop | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp
Named after William Blake’s famous painting (God As An Astronaut), ASAN focusing on contemporary artists, collaborative works between all possible channels of self-expression.

Babylon Records | genre: bass music | Facebook | Website
Hungarian home for global bass artists.

CHI | genre: electronic | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp
Maybe CHI’s HQ is in Los Angeles, California, but they repres

Concorde Nation | genre: singer-songwriter, electronic | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp
For them the most important things are the good vibes, flow and royal content.

Drum&Monkey | genre: indie, rock | Facebook | Website |
The whole label is under construction.

Farbwechsel | genre: hip-hop | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp
Their goal is nothing more, but to help the Hungarian bands to reach world wide success.

Go Away| genre: hip-hop | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp
Go Away Records is a small diy record label that was founded in 2012. We release records for punk, hardcore, indie and screamo bands.

Keytracks | genre: rock, metal | Facebook |

The brigade of Keytreks is made of renegade music dwellers. With their experience, they built up a small, but unimaginably enthusiastic company.

Kilocon | genre: trash | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp
Kilocon is a record label based on that weird part of the internet, ‘cause variety freaks out basic people.

Launching Gagarin| genre: pop, rock | Facebook | Website |
Launching Gagarin is a little independent label, with several award winning bands.

Lone Waltz Records | genre: singer-songwriter, folk | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp
Founded on the 11th of January in 2015 and curated ever since by local singer-songwriters whom are working hard to help other artists, put records out and be nice at the same time.

Mamazone | genre: pop, rock | Facebook | Website |
Mamazone, with its good international connections is capable to support the outbreaking bands abroad.

 Mana Mana | genre: hip-hop | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp
Mana Mana Records founded in 2012. Making waves in the ether since 2003 as Mana Mana. Started as Sabada on Radio Tilos in 2001

MMM Records | genre: rock, metal |

Narrator | genre: folk | Facebook | Website |
Narrator’s main goal is to preserve values throught music.

Normafa Records | genre: lo-fi | Facebook | Website
Established by the representatives of the Hungarian underground, Normafa Records main goal is to help the fans of any genre of underground.

NOW Books & Music | genre: rock, indie, experimental music & progressive literature | Facebook | Website
Music and literary label for experimental, crossover and brave projects.

Panel Trax Records| genre: techno | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp
Panel Trex is opened to oldschool and new things as well and they don’t want to follow the actual trends. Panel Trex Records just focuses on the atmosphere and sounding.

Periferic Records Facebook | Website |

Pluto Sound | Facebook | Website |
Pluto Sounds’ vision is to create an alternative Hungarian audiovisual scene.

Pongo Pongo Collective | genre: rock | Facebook |
Pongo Pongo Collective believes in that, with caring and love nothing is impossible. The independent label tries to help the bands to enjoy what they are doing. According their policy, the band comes first.

S*10 Records | Facebook | Website |

Selected Sounds | genre: electronic | Facebook | Website |

Selected Sound didn’t forget where do they come, trying to maintain everyday contact with their clients prove that human relations are more important than anything.

Tapes Sublimating | genre: lofi | Facebook | Bandcamp

According to Tapes Sublimating music if for fun, music generates emotions, it makes you move and bonds people.

This Is Our Time | genre: techno |

Trottel Records | genre: folk, fusion | Facebook | Website |
The main profile of Trottel is the patronage of interesting, folk-alike bands and many different kinds of genres.

TOM TOM | genre: folk, pop | FacebookWebsite |
Freedom is granted, just like quality! Driven by this slogan Tom Tom reaches incredible achievements.