We’re back from Outbreakers’ Lab

September 1, 2017 2:38 pm

After three memorable days of work and discussions, we’re back from Mártély, where HOTS has been held the first Outbreakers’ Lab. The initiative has been called to life to help emerging acts with international plans to have a step forward by the glorious help of international mentors as Magda Cholyst (CHIMES), Daryl Bamonte (Schubert Music), Andries van Wieren (3S Music) and Valentin Geiseider (Ink Music). The first day had one main topic: to have a five-year-plan until the end of the day, then the second day focused on personal mentoring sessions, and the third and final day has been centralized for discussions between the artists with the help of Péter Tóth (Artisjus) and Tamás Tófalvy, author for a book that focusing on subcultural networks. Thanks for everyone who helped us to make these days memorable, and you can see the photos of sinco here.