Hungary has been announced as a focus country at Waves Vienna

May 21, 2019 1:30 pm Published by

We’re proud to announce that Hungary will be one of the focus territories of Waves Vienna this year, along with Sweden. This opportunity is more than a possibility: according to our researches, Austria is the 4th most popular tour destination for those acts who’re winning the open applications for international tours, while the Austrian collecting society became the 7th most important partner of the Hungarian authors in the last three years through the international royalty incomes of Artisjus. HOTS is the Hungarian strategic partner of the event from since our foundation, and it’s truly a pleasure that the songwriters and professionals earned the trust of the programmers to give a highlight for our market. The festival already announced the INES#talent act, Vera Jónás, and they’ll choose other Hungarian acts during this summer.

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