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We’re proud to announce that the programmers of Waves Vienna have been chosen Hungary as one of the focus countries this year, and due to that reason we’re able to present the diverse range of emerging Hungarian talents in the heart of Vienna. See you in the conference panels, the showcase events and our reception at Collegium Hungaricum Wien on Saturday, and be sure to check the HOTS during your stay!

26th of September (THU)
21:15 | Mayberian Sanskülotts @WUK Foyer presented by Ticketmaster
22:30 | Platon Karataev @HAKUMA Stage
23:45 | Middlemist Red @Aula

27th of September (FRI)
00:15 | Dope Calypso @Ottakringer Stage
11:30 | Focus Country Hungary conference panel at Conference Room 2
14:00 | Meet the Focus Countries speed meeting at Projektraum

28th of September (SAT)
11:30 | HOTS Reception @Collegium Hungaricum Wien
18:45 | Vera Jonas Music @Open Air Stage presented by Stadt Wien
22:45 | The Qualitons @Ottakringer Stage
00:00 | Ivan & The Parazol @WUK Halle

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